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       Contact Person :

          Mr. Nikko Garcia

       MOB:+63 908 622 2214
       Facebook name: Nikko Garcia
        Bacolod City,the Philippines
      Direct to garment pigmented textile ink   Sublimation ink
       Suitable for directly printing on pure cotton garment without dye-fixing agent.  
      Epson 1390 Digital Flatbed T-shirt Printer   3d heat transfer machine

      This digital flatbed t-shirt printer is main design for printing T-shirt. But also can print other products ,just need to change ink . such as wood, stone, steel, glass, leather, crystal, acrylic and so on.


      Multifunction, with a variety of fixtures that can produce more than 40 kinds of mugs, phone cases, plates.

      Water based dye ink for Photo machine   Eco-solvent Ink for Photo machines
      For Piezo printers MUTOH,ROLAND,MIMAKI           and other piezo inkjetprinter with dx5/dx7 print head  

      All EPSON 4-6 color printers
      other piezo inkjetprinter with Epson dx5/dx7 solvent head

      Dye ink for NOVAJET750/850   Water based dye ink for desktop printers

      For Novajet 750/850
      The other 4 colors printers with hot bubble head.


      For EPSONme33/230 EPSON290/T50 /P50/A50,


      Thermal transfer pigment ink   Quotation for Heat Transfer Paper
      this pigment ink is specially designed for pure cotton garment , it must be used with thermal transfer papers.   No cracking and excellent wash fastness.
      For white garment and for colored garment.


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